This video is probably the first time I have been armed with a video camera other than my mega cheapo $15 Walmart digital camera from way back then. It really is too bad that technology hadn’t been a little faster to where I might have the setup I have now, or even a flipcam around this time period. I would have captured even more mayhem. This video was taken on my friend Chris Cable’s camera with both of us standing on a bookshelf above some of the insanity. This was the only show I captured there and I got eleven minutes of it until his video camera battery died. The show was at 1304 Flint Place which was my direct neighbor’s house at the time. Andrew Breeland had gotten stoked about having shows happen and continued the tradition that Hans had set forth to having people over to have a good time. That summer of shows everyone was having a good time thanks to Hank Williams who is posted up front in the lime green shirt by the window… he booked a slew of awesome hardcore punk shows. Double Negative been together for a year at this point and had been building up a huge following in Raleigh. I hope you enjoy this little tidbit of Raleigh history.

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