The fourth installment of the Will Butler’s Fastcore Photos series, issue number four is now officially under the To Live A Lie Media umbrella. Three years since the Fastcore Photos book on Shookup Publishing, this zine is 52 pages of catchup from 2012 to 2015. Going back to the days of FCP#1, this issue is about 99% photos featuring: ABUSE., ANIMAL CHIN, APPALACHIAN TERROR UNIT, ASSHOLEPARADE, BAKTEERIT, BARGE, BLACKBALL, BLOODY PHOENIX, CATHARSIS, CHAIN RANK, CHEAP ART, CHEST PAIN, COKE BUST, CONDITION, CREEPOID, CRESS, CULO, FALSE LIGHT, THE FLEX, FORWARD, FULL OF HELL, GENOCIDE PACT, GOVERNMENT FLU, HOLDER’S SCAR, KOMMUNION, LAST WORDS, MUCH WORSE, NASA SPACE UNIVERSE, NO LOVE, NO STATIK, POST TEENS, PRIESTS, PROSTHESIS, RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA, SEX PRISONER, SHITSTORM, SKEMATA, SUCKED DRY, SUDOR, SUPPRESSION, SYSTEM FUCKER, THOU, TORCH RUNNER, VILE INTENT, VIOLENT REACTION, WAILIN STORMS, WET BRAIN, and WRIGGLE. This is definitely a great one to grab if you have any affinity of fastcore, grindcore, powerviolence, or hardcore punk. Available from a rare pre-order from To Live A Lie Records here:
Fastcore Photos – Issue #4 zine (PRE-ORDER)

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