Double Negative has suffered the loss of another drummer, Bobby is no longer with the band. Luckily they picked up an even younger and super promising drummer, my friend Connor who plays in Last Words and Abuse. It was great to see their original drummer off to the side getting excited at Connor killing it during their set. If you haven’t kept up with Double Negative, they’ve have Cameron who used to be in Logic Problem way back is now singing. This is my second time seeing them with him singing and he brought a ton of energy to the small space in Slims.

Whatever Brains are some old old friends. These people have been in bands, put on shows in their houses, and been into music the whole time I have lived in Raleigh. I mainly filmed Rich because it is great to see him going crazy and making weird faces.

I did not get Neo Cons due to my camera almost getting destroyed in the first five seconds of them going on. In fact I think the singer’s mic swung the dial from on to off as he dove past me. Sorry!

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