This is the very first band I ever recorded on video. This is the only time I ever used that $15 camera I mentioned a few posts ago. I came down and spent the day with my good friend Kelly Dawson and bummed around Columbia SC for a bit before driving further down south to this show. At this point I was about to finish college but had only been working weekends so I didn’t have much money to travel to see bands, but how could I miss RAMBO playing at an armory in South Carolina? Just like in the videos, there were kids there with cardboard swords in the mosh pit. Not quite as epic as the Philly shows where they descended a cardboard helicopter off a balcony or a full on cardboard tank vs a cardboard robot person, but pretty good still. I saw RAMBO again for the last time at Best Friends Day and they had a BMX bike that was meant for crow surfing where the pegs were actually things for people to hold it up above their heads. Both shows were in their thrash punk stage before they started to sound like a Tragedy clone. Also if anyone knows of pictures from this or the BFD show, I’d love to see them. I can see a guy holding up an SLR in front of me during this video!

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