Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fastcore Photos - Issue #2 digital edition

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

6/14/2011 - Iron Crow, Burma, Wall, and Snake Baptist

Recorded by Brian from Burma is my band..

Chaos in Tejas 2011

Day 1
Had a really good flight out to Texas. Got into town and got up with my friend Wyatt from college, who was super nice to put me up at his house for four days. We got some grub. We got back to his house and I was pretty antsy to get to the show, as there were a bunch of bands I hadn't heard and I was curious and excited to be at Chaos in Tejas for the first time. I had just bought a Kodak HD flip cam and an mini external condenser mic to videotape the fest so I was excited. My friend let me also borrow his bike the whole weekend so I threw the pocket cam in my pocket and was off towards downtown to Emo's to see the first show. I spent a good part of my time socializing when I got there but I saw hometown (to my hometown) Double Negative on the inside stage. It was too crazy in there to grab any video so I have none. I made the mistake of waiting too long to go back in later for D-Clone to play and had to wait most of their set at the door. I felt uncomfortable filming them by holding the camera up in front of people's faces behind me so I didn't get video until their encore, here that is: Last band of the night was the Cro-Mags. Super excited to see them. I never really grew up on them at all, kind of assumed they were a super jock band until it was a little too late. Love the John Joseph spoken word book so I was eager to see them preform. John Joseph more a Rude Boy ska-checkered shirt and ran around the stage like a mad man. He ran in place at some points and brought a ton of energy to the stage.

Monday, April 25, 2011