Fastcore Photos Book

Fastcore Photos has been a three year OCD odyssey to capture the raw intensity of DIY hardcore punk, grindcore, and powerviolence shows in the Southeast. First press comes with a limited DVD.

Many thanks to James Walkley for his amazing copy editing. Thanks also to David and Shook Up Publishing!

101 bands represented in the book: 7 Seconds, Abuse., Acid Reflux, Against All Authority, Atakke, Backslider, Baroness, Bastard Noise, BearTrap, Big Eyes, Bukakke Boys, Burma, Buy the Steak, Capitalist Casualties, Chest Pain, Coke Bust, Corrosion of Conformity, Cough, Curmudgeon, Deathrats, Dethroned Emperor, Devour, Direct Control, Disciples Of Christ, Dodsfalla, Double Negative, Dropdead, Dystrophy, Earth Crisis, Fang, Flex Your Head, Foreign Objects, From The Depths, Ilsa, Into Your Arms, Javelina, Kakka Hätä 77, Koward, Kyklooppien Sukupuutto, Kylesa, Last Words, Leather, Libyans, Logic Problem, Lung Matter, Mad Dog, Mad World, Magrudergrind, Man Will Destroy Himself, Mehkago N.T., Nashgul, Natural Law, Negative Approach, Nimbus Terrifix, Nö Pöwer, No Tomorrow, Noisear, Nothing Is Over, Off!, Old Painless, Parasytic, Pavlichenko, Phobia, Plague, Pollution, Punch, Pure Scum, R.A.M.B.O., Ramming Speed, Seasick, Sect Nine, Sectarian Violence, Shards, Shitstorm, Sick/Tired, Six Brew Bantha, Slang, Sons of Tonatiuh, Street Pizza, Stripmines, Surroundings, Swank, Systems, Ten Second Rule, Tenement, The Kill, The Misfits,Thieves, Thou, Torch Runner, Torche, Trapper, Triac, Verbal Abuse, Vitamin X, Wall, Wasted Time, White Cross, Wish Me Well, World Burns to Death, Wormrot

The book is available now in limited quantities from:
Shook Up Publishing

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Amazon – Fastcore Photos [Kindle Edition]
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