Friday, February 8, 2013

2/7/2013 - Torche and Bats & Mice

Went to this show with my co-worker for his birthday and we met up with someone else at work from another department for dinner and beers for them. Got a killer vegan burger and walked down to the show in the rain. It is always great to see Ricky, Steve, and John and I still haven't talked too much to the new guitar player of Torche but we talked for a second and he is pretty nice. As we walked up I heard a familiar Bats & Mice song and was glad I hadn't missed much of their set. I have known about the band for several years as I had been a big Sleepytime Trio fan back in the day. I believe they had an addition to their normal crew, an ex-member of the White Octave I believe. Great performance. Torche went on and I never have any complaints about them. They played a new song off their new EP that was killer, a good indication of where they are headed. Glad I finally got pictures of them and really glad I got to see both bands. Steve is also in Floor and I heard word they are touring soon and Rick and John are in Shitstorm who are putting out a few new records and hopefully touring on those releases soon.

TorcheBats and MiceBats and MiceBats and MiceBats and MiceBats and Mice
Bats and MiceBats and MiceBats and MiceBats and MiceBats and MiceBats and Mice
Bats and MiceTorcheTorcheTorcheTorcheTorche

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